VEGGUR/SEINÄ su 7.6. klo 16

Two bodies are set against a landscape of nothingness. They look upon it not only through their eyes but through their bodies. They move as if they’re trapped in between dimensions, surrounded by invisible walls. Vertical, horizontal, up-side-down, sometimes creature like, non-revealing and hidden, they are like mere representations of two human bodies. Moments of machine-like flow appear within the angular pathways slicing through the space. The constant transformation of the moving bodies creates an ever-changing landscape of it’s own.

The piece seeks to find a physical language in which an abstract form carries a potential for meaning. The performance constructs indeterminate moments out of the relationship between the physical bodies, empty space and faceless communication. Is there a way to express with the backside of the body? What do we communicate without our faces?

Choreography and performance Andrea Gunnlaugsdóttir & Lotta Halinen

Music Peter Wetzelsberger & Miikka Rekola


Kuva Miikka Rekola

Kuva Miikka Rekola